FLYTE is our middle school discipleship program at Cedar Street. FLYTE stands for Faith. Life. Together and it meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8 p.m. This  is a time for pre-teens to fellowship with each other but also to hear and engage with the stories of the Bible. Students will memorize verses from the Scriptures and discuss in smaller groups how the lessons from the Bible apply to their life. Our hope is that as the students grow in their love for Christ, they will then be on mission for Christ in their schools, homes, and extracurricular activities.

On Wednesday nights, our FLYTE Bible study is currently going through the LifeWay curriculum "Gospel Foundations." From cover to cover, the Bible is the story of God's plan to redeem sinners through Jesus. The gospel is this story and it is found throughout all the Bible. Our teachers help not only to point out Biblical truth but also how the stories of the Bible relate to everyday teenage life.