Elevate is our high school discipleship program, and its purpose is to help students understand that everything we do in this life – from school, work, sports and everything in between – is to glorify Christ. To that end, we have a Bible study that meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30 - 8 p.m. This study helps students see that the stories and lessons of the Scripture apply to their everyday lives and challenge them to rely on the grace of Christ to help them to elevate His Name. Our hope and aim with the high schoolers is that as they mature to young adults they will come to know the surpassing love of Christ, and then live out that love for their Savior in the community of Metter and beyond.



This year in Elevate, high school students will
continued to be challenged to glorify Christ in all
things. We will be looking at the letter of Hebrews
as we look at the core message of the text: Christ is
better. My hope and aim is that our students leave
knowing that despite all that this world has to offer,
our God is greater than the fleeting pleasures of
this world.