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Cedar Street Baptist Church

“Where Heads, Hearts, and Hands are Being Transformed

Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

The following material includes weekly devotional messages from Pastor Bo Fulginiti that correlate with the 5-Day Bible Reading Plan. Click HERE for a PDF copy of the complete reading schedule for 2018.


WEEK 1 - Building a Foundation on Just Four Words

WEEK 2 - Giving Glory to Our Great Provider

WEEK 3 - Proclaiming the Promise of the Lord’s Presence

WEEK 4 - Straight Lines & Crooked Sticks

WEEK 5 - Learning How to Say Grace

WEEK 6 - Living By a Law of Love

WEEK 7 - Pleading for God’s Presence

WEEK 8 - Wonderful Words of Life

WEEK 9 - Learning How to Run for Your Life

WEEK 10 - A Savior Who is Set Apart

WEEK 11 - The Struggle to Keep Our Soul

WEEK 12 - A Longing to Love the Lord

WEEK 13 - The Sacred Secrets of God

WEEK 14 - Real Hope in a Relational God

WEEK 15 - The Five Essential Elements of a Local Church

WEEK 16 - Why Sheep Need a Shepherd

WEEK 17 - Our Battles Belong to the Lord

WEEK 18 - Finding Jesus in the Jailhouse

WEEK 19 - Looking for a Shepherd Leader

WEEK 20 - Renewing a Right Spirit Within Us

WEEK 21 - Seven Words that Spell Out Our Salvation

WEEK 22 - The Way to Godly Wisdom

WEEK 23 - Transformed by the Truth

WEEK 24 - The Hallmark of Hope

WEEK 25 - Living a Life that Pleases the Lord

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WEEK 26 - Making it to a Joyful Morning

WEEK 27 - Three Signs of Being Spirit-Led

WEEK 28 - Keepers of the Gospel Flame

WEEK 29 - The Humble Roots of Kingdom Happiness

WEEK 30 - Learning to Pray the Lord’s Way

WEEK 31 - True Rest for a Tired Soul

WEEK 32 - Retreating to a Higher Rock